Palo Alto (director Gia Coppola)

I think this sequence perfectly captures the boredom a person feels, in their bedroom, where they don’t know what to do or where to go

These shots are really well done.

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Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2013

Kate Moss - Glamour France April 1992

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Claude MonetWater Lillies (1907)Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Evan Peters in “Adult World”


sad song but soothing nonetheless

I etched a face of a stopwatch
On the back of a raindrop
And did a swap for the sand in an hourglass

I heard an unhappy ending
It sort of sounds like you leaving
I heard the piledriver waltz
It woke me up this morning

You look like you’ve been for breakfast
At the heartbreak hotel
And sat in the back booth
By the pamphlets and the literature
On how to lose
Your waitress was miserable
And so was your food
If you’re gonna try and walk on water
Make sure you wear your comfortable shoes

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